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Bike events and service projects

BYU and Provo: A Bike-Friendly Campus and Community

BYU and Provo are great places to bike and are recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as, respectively a Bicycle-Friendly Campus and Bicycle-Friendly Community.

In 2015, the League designated BYU a bronze-level Bicycle-Friendly Campus. BYU’s “campus unification project,” which made the campus safer for pedestrians and bicyclists; and its promotion of bicycling through events such as Y Bike, helped BYU earn the recognition. The League provided feedback to BYU recommending improvements such as improved bicycle parking, conducting bicycle counts, and more education and encouragement programming. In 2017, the BYU Campus Bicycle Committee is planning to apply to move up in rank with the goal of improving safety on campus for all.

In 2016, the League designated Provo a silver-level Bicycle-Friendly Community. The League praised the city for the infrastructural improvements it has made that have resulted in approximately 35 miles of bike trails and pathways, 55 miles of bike lanes, and 11 miles of widened and paved street shoulders. Here is the report card Provo received and the BFC criteria.

In the next few years, Provo will be making significant investments in bicycling infrastructure that will greatly improve the safety of the community to campus connections. For example, in 2018, Bulldog Boulevard (1230 North), which leads to the main entrance of campus, will be redesigned and protected bicycle lanes will be installed; also in 2018, as part of the Provo-Orem bus rapid transit project, the bike lanes on North University Avenue will get be extended to downtown Provo; and 200 East is in the process of being transformed into a Bicycle Boulevard/Neighborhood Greenway, that will provide the best bikeway from campus (at 800 North) to the Frontrunner Station (at 600 South). These are just a few of the planned projects that will make bicycling much more convenient, safe, and pleasant in Provo.

For more information about bicycling in Provo, see

The Campus Bicycle Committee

Established in 2016, after many years of meeting unofficially, the BYU Campus Bicycle Committee is working to make campus and the wider community more bicycle-friendly. The committee, which is composed of students, staff, and faculty, meets frequently during fall and winter semesters in the Campus Police Department’s conference room. (Please email to find out when we will be meeting next.) Anyone is welcome to attend.

Mission Statement:

The BYU Campus Bicycle Committee’s mission is to promote a safe and enjoyable bicycle experience on as well as off-campus through awareness, planning, and education. We encourage the health and environmental benefits of bicycles as affordable active transportation for our campus community.

We aim to accomplish this mission by:

1. Promoting a safe campus bicycle experience

2. Encouraging bicycling, as well as walking and transit, as viable transportation modes

3. Encouraging people to bike for health, convenience, enjoyment, and as just a part of everyday life to move about.


Held usually in early September, Y-Bike is an event designed to encourage students to ride bicycles to school. Typically, local bike shops attend and offer free safety checks for students. If you’re looking to get involved with on-campus bike clubs, look out for bicycle advocacy and bike racing clubs which will likely be represented.

Bike Month

In tandem (see what we did there?) with National Bike Month, Provo City celebrates all things bike during the whole month of May. Often, city government agencies and local organizations will put together a dozen or more events held throughout the month. Typically you’ll see a citywide Bike to Work Day, casual Monday night bike rides, rides for women only, bike-in movies, and sometimes even bike picnics, especially beneficial for the romantic cougar bike-lover. You can usually find a list of events on

BYU Bicycle Club

If you are looking for people to ride with, this club is for you. They often hold rides for people who want to hit a singletrack mountain bike trail or want to ride a couple of dozen miles on a road bike. Find them on Facebook for info on events.

BYU Triathlon Club

Hoping to train for a race or just get in really good shape? This is the group to be in. These athletes all about speed. If you find yourself craving energy gel and protein shakes, or shaving off every last leg hair to be as aerodynamic as possible, this is the club for you. Check out their website for more information.